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    Anthonij Rupert Wines

    The flagship of the Anthonij Rupert wines portfolio. As befits the leaders of the pack, only the best is good enough for this range and presently, it comprises just four wines - all red. Grapes are destined for these wines are sourced from the most ideal growing sites throughout the Western Cape.

    Anthonij Rupert Optima

    Anthonij Rupert Merlot

    Anthonij Rupert Syrah

    Anthonij Rupert Cabernet Sauvignon

    Anthonij Rupert Cabernet Franc

    Anthonij Rupert Blend

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    A range created in recognition of the Cape of Good Hope's vinous heritage which stretches back more than 350 years to when the first Governor planted grapes. This range heralds utterly unique sites of ancient vines and pays tribute to those souls who have accepted their role as stewards of this remarkable vine and wine legacy.

    Cape of Good Hope Altima Sauvignon Blanc

    Cape of Good Hope Laing Semillon

    Cape of Good Hope Serruria Chardonnay

    Cape of Good Hope Basson Pinotage

    Cape of Good Hope Parel Vallei Farmstead Merlot

    Cape of Good Hope Southern Slopes

    Cape of Good Hope Caroline

    Cape of Good Hope RR Chenin Blanc

    Cape of Good Hope RR Syrah

    Cape of Good Hope

    Sneeukrans Pinot Noir



    L'Ormarins, the main estate of the group of farms and home to the Brut Classique. Certainly the ultimate in premium Méthode Cap Classique.

    L'Ormarins Brut NV

    L'Ormarins Brut Rose

    L’Ormarins Cape Late Bottles Vintage

    L’Ormarins Sagnac

    L’Ormarins Lichie Eau De Vie

    L’Ormarins Brut Rose NV

    L’Ormarins Blanc de Blanc



    Terra del Capo .

    What was once the vision and dream of the late Anthonij Rupert has now become a reality in the form of the Terra del Capo range. His love of Italy, its wines and food and the beautiful combination of both, informed the South African expression of three wines: Pinot Grigio, Sangiovese and a Merlot/Sangiovese blend, the Arne. Protea A collection of seven wines which recognises the flower species - the Protea - so distinctive of the Cape Floristic region, the World's smallest yet richest floristic region. The protea family was named for the shape-changing Greek god Proteus - because of the diversity of its many expressions. The wines are made in a lighter, more accessible style for earlier enjoyment.

    Terra del Capo Pinot Grigio

    Terra del Capo Sangiovese



    A collection of seven wines which recognises the flower species - the Protea, so distinctive of the Cape Floristic region, the world's smallest yet richest floristic region.

    Protea Sauvignon Blanc

    Protea Chenin Blanc

    Protea Rose

    Protea Chardonnay

    Protea Shiraz

    Protea Merlot

    Protea Cabernet Sauvignon

    Protea Pinot Grigio

    Protea Sauvignon Blanc

  • Jean Roi

    A collection of new wines from Jean Roi

    Jean Roi

From its home base on historic L’Ormarins wine farm beneath the jagged peaks of the Groot Drakenstein mountains in Franschhoek, Anthonij Rupert Wines has cast its net wide, across the length and breadth of the Cape winelands, in search of what it takes to make the finest wines this corner of the winemaking world has to offer.